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Insider in Pet Food: Economy vrs. Pet food

July 6, 2008

Economy vrs. Pet food

Many people are against buying a better pet food simply for the sake of money and although times are not easy, should your pet really take the toll? When buying low quality food you are picking more expensive health care down the line as well as possibly a shortened life span of your pet. You are what you eat. Is it fair to them?

Raw diets are actually a lot cheaper than most people think, and often cheaper than an okay kibble. In a kibble you are paying for the processing of the food, unlike in a raw diet.

In general I have noticed that the prices of good pet food are not going up nearly as fast cheap pet food. The floods in the Midwest, as well as fuel costs and grain based fuels have spiked the price of grain more than anything else. Well, obviously the cheap pet foods are the ones that are packed with the sky rocketing grains.

There are other places to cut back when times get hard, pet food is not the only option. Water the lawn less, save on electricity, go out to eat less, price compare items before you buy them, buy school books second hand, make coffee at home, subscribe to one less magazine, downsize the cable plan, or don't get that new pair of shoes. There are so many places where almost anybody can cut back just a little, the health of a living creature should not be one of them.

One main exception, animal shelters.

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