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Insider in Pet Food: Petco Warehouse

June 20, 2008

Petco Warehouse

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Petco has recently had pet food products taken my the FDA because of the unsanitary conditions in their food warehouse in Illinois. The FDA said that there were, "widespread and active rodent and bird infestations."

Even after follow up visits there were no real improvements. If your pet has become sick from any food bought at Petco, talk to your vet and have them report it to the FDA. We want to make sure Petco realizes that people expect a certain standard in food products for anything from people to cats to fish. No way should this be excepted by the public.

It seams with this news that there is corruption on all ends of this industry. First there is melamine contamination put in by farmers (and who knows what else) to unhealthy formulation of diets by the manufactures to infested storage facilities by the retailers.

If there has not been a call to buy small brand foods from small local pet stores, now is the time. Petsmart and other large pet companies usually follow suite in poor business practices.

If the message is not clear enough, stop buying food products from large chains such as Petco and Petsmart. Ask your local pet store how their food is stored before it reaches the shelves. Its your choice, but its your pets' lives at stake.

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